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(HE) ART is a galaxy of mixed-art infused with thought-provoking poetry and prose that compels the reader to meditate on its diverse themes. Author Lindo Yes shines a light on the melanin sons who may never see the morning sun, creates a universe for his true love to explore as she boomerangs back to her destiny, and paints pictures with his poetry to educate the reader on the political atrocities that have nearly destroyed a race of dynamic people. (HE) ART is a revolutionary art-show on paper that invites the reader to ponder on the puns and allusions that mirror our contemporary society. He humbly pays tribute to Lorraine Hansberry’s “A Raisin in the Sun,” poetically elaborates on Tupac’s, “The Rose that Grew From Concrete,” and ignites a passion for the reader to consider activism for social, gender, and race reforms. (HE) ART is a vibrant book that celebrates the culture of Black people and offers hope in the midst of the struggle. If you are searching for an aesthetically innovative read to indulge in while you mind-travel to a universe of candor, optimism, and futurism, then, (HE) ART is your spacecraft. Lindo Yes affirms that “World is my canvas and I create images with words!”


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