Life is My Canvas and I Paint Images with Words


LINDO YES! is a spoken word artist, actor, and emcee born and raised in Philadelphia,PA. He takes the beat of the city streets and turns it from bipolar sunrise to starry throne, paying heed to the wordsmiths that surround and inspire him and assuming their characters to champion their unique stories to be told. Drawing lines out of conversation and gesturing to the hypothetical constructs of love in ideals, gender identity, and social injustice, Lindo leads a chorus of humbleness in front of his audience taking them beyond their own ordinary experiences.

In his own words, he "makes everything living, his canvas" and creates worlds out of those words he spits. When not actively performing, Lindo is busy organizing poetry events around the city and working on his graphic design/photography work. He also collaborate with Plain Sight Buttons, a Philly company, to spread the spoken word culture even further. He currently finished his first tour called the "CrownMePoet" tour where he performed at over 15 shows across five states (Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Michigan and New Jersey).

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